Welcome to Capoeira in the Valley

If you are looking for something fun and creative, make new friends, get in shape and lose weight then come and play with us! Capoeira is for EVERYONE… a way of life.The beginner class is designed for everyone to get a feel for the moves in a friendly environment. Different levels are designed to fit any physical capacity the person might be at whether it is their first class or they have been training for several years.

Capoeira is for all ages, levels, and physical shapes. It will incorporate dancing, fight-like moves, acrobatics, singing, learning different percussion instruments, rhythm and movement, and lastly its lots of fun! It will increase your Flexibility, Confidence, Cardio-Vascular Endurance, Range of Motion, Rhythm, and Awareness of yourself and others.  

The first class is FREE for everyone to get an idea of what Capoeira is and all that it incorporates so bring your family and friends, clothes you are comfortable to workout in, bottle of water, and a great attitude!



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